What do I Wear? 

  • You must wear closed toed shoes. No sandals, open toed, or backless shoes.
  • No skirts. For your comfort you may not want to wear short shorts or tank tops.
  • Long hair must be pulled back and jewelry should be kept to a minimum.

Can I skip an element? 

Due to the layout of our tour you won't be able to skip any of the bridges. However, if you decide that the adventure is not for you halfway through you may choose not to finish. Keep in mind that no refunds will be given. Also, if the 7 story journey to our last platform or the 1000' zip line is too intimidating to you, you may opt out of participation at that time.

Tour Times

Because our tours are fully guided, we need to be sure we are staffed and ready for your tour and require 24 hours notice for unscheduled tours. If you are looking for a tour today, please call our office and we may be able to get you in an already scheduled tour.

If you don't see availability for your group please call our office at 260-672-3251.

Weight Restrictions

MIN Weight: 50 lbs 

MAX Weight: 275 lbs

Our restrictions are for the safety of you and our guides.


How long does it take?

Times vary depending on the group size of each tour. Here are aproximate times: 

High Adventure Tour: Aprox. 2-3 hours

Canopy Tour: Aprox 45 min -1.5 hours



1740 E 675 N Huntington IN 46750

Bad Weather

Our tours run thru rain and snow. Don't assume your tour is cancelled. Please call our office to confirm status of your tour. We may just postpone the tour. If we do cancel tour, you will be rescheduled for another time.